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  • What Does Memory Care Provide?
    WHAT DOES MEMORY CARE PROVIDE? Our mission at Villas Memory Care will be to serve the specialized needs of the individual with memory loss and early onset dementia.
  • What Do I Need To Bring?
    We ask that you bring reminders of home. Our suites come fully furnished but personal items and photos and encouraged. Feel free to call Jaqci or Russ at (217)744-9891 for further details.
  • What are some of the ammenities?
    WHAT ARE SOME AMMENITIES? 24 Hour care with nursing in a secured environment plus meals, snacks, activities, medication and much more.
  • What is the visitor policy?
    WHAT IS THE VISITOR POLICY? Family and friends can call any day starting at 8am until 8pm. Other needs may be met by talking with the Director of Wellness.
  • How is Memory Care Paid For?
    Memory care is 100% private pay. You may inquire as to VA Benefits.
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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